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Linda Ohlsson

Originally from Tacoma, WA, I have been living in Boise for the past six years. My background is in communications and Scandinavian languages from the University of Washington. I am a mother of three, a community volunteer, and an avid world traveler. I started this business because I am passionate about students and education.

I love helping students recognize their strengths and be a part of a strategy to realize their potential.

When our eldest was a sophomore, we hired a college planner. It broadened my scope on universities and focused my attention on the road best travelled through the college applicaton maze. College application is an intense process and having someone with experience by your side keeps you steady, organized, and on track

Our older two graduated from Tufts University, outside of Boston; one majored in chemical engineering and the other in International Relations and Peace and Justice. One is now a graduate student at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and the other works for a marketing company in Los Angeles. Our third offspring is a freshman at UCLA.

In today's busy world, both students and parents can be overwhelmed by yet another demand on their time and attention; that’s where I come in.