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College is a time of personal growth. Acquiring a foundation of skills and an array of friendships will benefit you throughout your life. It opens doors to career opportunities and can be your ticket to financial independence.
The promise of future success prompts people to make a significant college investment. Because the financial investment and the lasting influences on your student's life are primary concerns, it is important to choose your college wisely.

Unfortunately, the time required to do thorough research can be extensive. The application process is long and complicated. Admission requirements are subject to change and may fluctuate from year to year. The entire process can be extremely stressful for both parents and students, who are already very busy with the demands of work and school.

Let us be your college coach. We will interpret statistics, rankings, scores, and deadlines. Our next step will be to create a personalized strategy for each of your chosen schools. You will always be able to put your best foot forward, because we will be there with you every step of the way. Quail, Fosdick & Harris will keep you on track and help you find the road best travelled.